you know, like cold as ice. (ana_o) wrote in hey_paul,
you know, like cold as ice.

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mine, all mine.

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That's very good Ana!
So...where did the band name come from anyways?
i dunno... places.


October 17 2004, 17:59:44 UTC 12 years ago

what are you guys trying to say, that you did not copy the pixies lyrics...

its so obvious
way to be originalnbbnhghgjhijhk
hahaha. am i supposed to even respond to that? i never said anything about not having a pixies reference as a band name.

your new and improved kim deal,
ana october

p.s. stick around, mysterious livejournal stranger. you're amusing. from now on, we'll call you "originalnbbnhghgjhijhk." i'm pretty sure i know who this is, due to your spelling and the content of your comment, but uh, i'll let it slide this time.
are you in a band?
yeah who ever that is. they rock. hey "originalnbbnhghgjhijhk" wanna come to my house and make a samich
hahaha. i wanna go get manicured with "originalnbbnhghgjhijhk".