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hey paul, hey paul, hey paul...

let's have a ball.

hey paul
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hey paul is a four piece rocknroll outfit from seattle, washington.

hey paul has many different influences from many different genres of music, literature, drama and art.

hey paul is stylish.

hey paul is hard to explain.

hey paul is half scorpio, one fourth sagittarius and one fourth aquarius.

hey paul was born between the years of 1987 and 1988.

hey paul has class.

hey paul has dance skills.

hey paul attended/attends nathan hale high school.

hey paul found itself in the summer of 2004.

hey paul is your new best friend.
aka the list, ana, atlantica, bass, chris, crispo, drums, faithful five, goodbyefuckyou, guitar, hi-heels and everything, october, ona, taylor, tayzor, the hives, the pixies, vocals